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Fuzz/Violet because...well, let's face it - there are not enough Fuzz/Violet shippers!


It's been seasons since the day Violet met her mate, Fuzz, and said goodbye to her older brother Barley for the last time. Fuzz and Violet were kittypets together, but something happened to their Twolegs and they had to leave Twolegplace to live as wild cats. Will they be able to survive?

Chapter One: The Four Kits

Violet pushed and let out a wail of agony one last time. Then, the sac came out and Fuzz nipped it open.

"Four," he meowed. "Violet...they're gorgeous."

The orange tabby opened her eyes and looked down at her kits.

The first one was a small pale grey tabby she-kit with a white muzzle, chest, and paws. She mostly took after her father.

"Let's call her Silver," meowed Violet.

Fuzz nodded.


The second kit was a long-furred golden tabby tom with a white tail tip.

"We could call about Sun?" suggested his mother.

"Howaboutsun? That's a bizarre name!"

"No, Sun," Violet corrected.

The third kit was darkish grey-and-white.

"Barley," Violet whispered faintly. "After my brother."

Then she looked at her fourth kitten, a cream-and-white she-cat.

"Cream!" exclaimed Fuzz. "Like what our housefolk gave us!"

His mate nodded.

"Silver, Sun, Barley, and Cream."

They had just begun their new lives in the forest. Not the one BloodClan had lived so close to - they were living in a forest far away from their old home.

Suddenly, it started raining. They quickly ran back to their den and held their kits close to keep them warm.

Silver was very small, so Violet was sure to put her in the bedding with the most moss. She then cleaned the film out of her eyes and ears with her tongue.

Barley got up, stretched, and let out a big yawn.

"Are you tired, Barley?" giggled Violet.

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