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Archive 1

For a list of adopted Stories click here.

For an archive of requests to adopt stories, click here.

On the article that is up for adoption, please put the adoption template on it.

Adoption template:


  1. Stories that have been orphaned and unedited for months/years, may be put up for adoption. These stories must be very short and not have chapters of hard-work done by the author.
  2. Stories can be put up for adoption by the Original Author.
  3. When Authors put up a story for adoption, they can specify if they want the new author to keep the plot or previous writing.
  4. You cannot put up another author's stories for adoption unless with their permission, or if they're inactive for longer than 6 months.
  5. If more than one author wants the stories, the original author/admin must choose who gets it.
  6. Stories on this list will be deleted after several months of inactivity or if nobody asks to adopt it. This is just to keep the page from flooding and from cluttering the wiki.



OA: (Original Author)

Summary: (Small summary of what there is of the story

Reason: (Last Edited months ago, Don't want it, Author said I could adopt it)

Potential New Authors: (Authors that want the story, of who put the adoption request up)

Other Notes: (Keep the plot, keep previous writing, keep characters, etc.)

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