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Molepaw walked out of the den to see Fishwing sitting in the clearing, bending over a strange, L-shaped black thing. Molepaw and Fishwing were the only ones up. "What are you doing?" she asked her adopted father. "I'm on eBay. Did you know they have 'books' about our Clan ways? Into the Wild, hah!" Fishwing laughed. "eBay?" Molepaw asked. "Yes," Fishwing said, "eBay. Where Twolegs can 'buy' things. What does that mean?" "Fishwing, what is that thing anyway? And why does it flash?" Molepaw asked. "Why, my sweet Molepaw, it's a laptop! How could you not know that?" Fishwing asked in shock. Molepaw started to pad toward the laptop. The picture looked different, and a line at the top said Molepaw saw the name Molepoppy on the picture. She laughed. "I hope I don't get a stupid name like that!" she said with a snicker. Now, Oakdapple and Snowfalcon were getting up and walking into the clearing. They, too, noticed the black thing. "Fishwing, what in StarClan's name is that?!" Oakdapple asked. Snowfalcon padded over. "It flashes!" he said. "FISHWING!" The group turned to see Hawkstar padding toward them. "You could be putting the whole clan at risk! What are you doing?!" "Shh!" Fishwing said. "I'm watching Why 'Women' Need 'Catalogs' on 'YouTube'. Twolegs are so strange!" thumb|300px|right "Fishwing, get rid of that thing!" Hawkstar demanded. "No!" Fishing screamed. Hawkstar suddenly leaped foward, broke the thing in half, and stomped on what was left of it.