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This is my first fanfic, please excuse all the fluff.


This is the story of Feathertail and Crowfeather's relationship, and of the poor kit that never came to be.

Chapter 1

The six journeying cats stopped to rest in a cave for the night. But Crowpaw couldn't sleep. He was thinking about Feathertail.
The beautiful she-cat had quietly padded outside of their makeshift den, and was watching the sun rise. Crowpaw went up to her and said, "You know, once the journey is over, we can't be together." His mate looked at him with a gaze of sheer love and knowing. "Yes, I will have your kits. But it will be hard......they won't know who their father was."
"Don't worry. I will always love you, and that's all that matters. Our kits will grow up to be the greatest warriors the forest has ever known. Just trust me." So they padded towards an isolated cave, and groomed each other. Crowpaw nuzzled Feathertail and she batted him away with her paw playfully. Then he wrapped his tail around his mate, and they slept together.

Chapter 2

Stormfur woke up and stretched. Then he ran out of the cave panicked. Feathertail was nowhere in sight! So he dashed outside, only to find her under an overhang, mating with Crowpaw. She was a half-Clan kit herself, it would be a digrace for her to have kits with a WindClan cat! He shook her awake. "What do you think you're doing?" he yowled. His usually peaceful sister replied, "It isn't your choice how I live my life!" And Crowpaw curled up with her and started to share tongues.
So Stormfur padded back to the den, and woke Squirrelpaw. I really shouldn't yell at Feathertail. I have no right to, anyway...considering I like Squirrelpaw so much, he thought. She's going to end up with Brambleclaw, I know. He's brave, and strong, and from ThunderClan. Squirrelpaw would never love a RiverClan cat - half-Clan at that.

Chapter 3

Squirrelpaw woke up to see sunlight streaming into the cave. "Squirrelpaw..." mewed Stormfur. "Hm?" She murmured sleepily. OK! ZAAAAAT WAS A CHAP. 3 PREVIEW!