This is Like a Special to The Small Paw Series {Light Feather, Just Madness..., Small Faith, Dieing Shadows, and Sun Flowers.)

Drypetal looked at her 4 kits and purred to her mate, Fireheart.

Fireheart smiled back.

"How 'bout Sunkit, Rainkit, Snowkit, and Leafkit?"

"OK." he purred.

Snowkit let out a small squeak.

Leafkit twitched her paws as she slept.

Sunkit yawned.

Rainkit inched towards Drypetal.

Dawnkit sniffed at the smaller kits. "Sunkit's ugly." she said, looking at them.

Sunkit put out his small, tini-wini claws and scratched her.

Dawnkit frowned. "He's barely the size of a crow!" she said, crinkling her noes.

Days Later

Sunkit jumped up, his golden eyes shining. He looked at Rainkit. "Wake up!" he said to his brother.

Rainkit looked up with big, blue eyes. "I don't feel good." he whispered.

Snowkit coughed. She tried to get up, shaking, her almost white-gray eyes dull. "Me no feel good too."

Leafkit jumped up. "You both are pathetic!" she looked at Sunkit. Her green eyes where twinkling. "I'm going to go out!"

"No your not." Fireheart said sternly.

"Awe come on Father!" Sunkit begged.


"Oh all right..." Leafkit said.

Drypetal coughed. "Stay here."

"Mommy no feel good?" Snowkit said, coughing.

"Don't worry." Fireheart said.

Brackenkit, Dawnkit's brother woke up. "Wha...?" he said.

Sunkit jumped on him.

"EKK!!! GET-IT-OFF-ME!!!!!" he yowled.

Sunkit giggled, but Dawnkit rolled her eyes.

Mapleleaf watched them.

Featherkit and Wildkit (Featherheart and Wildfang) smiled. Featherkit padded to Mapleleaf. "I want to be a medicine cat!" her blue eyes shone like water in the sunlight. Shadowpaw (Shadowstar) looked at her. (Yeah Featherkit was his friend.)

Wildkit smiled. "Your becoming a apprentice soon! Lucky! I have to wait 3 moons!"

"They will go by fast." Brownpaw (Brownstripe) said to her.

Wildkit smiled at him. "Thanks Brownpaw." she purred.

Featherkit shared a smiled with Shadowpaw.

Sunkit looked at his siblings.

Leafkit smiled. "Featherkit, if you and Shadowpaw are in sooo much lo-o-o-o-o-ove, you can't be a medicine cat!"

Featherkit pinned her down.

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