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Chapter 1

I had immediately told my Clan everything that I'd learned. They had been very, very nervous by the end of my story.

" do we find out who summoned this Clan...DeathClan?" Branchclaw asked.

"No idea," I said, "but right now, we have to focus on stopping the effects of this curse."

The Clan all murmured their agreement. Looking them over, I wondered if it had been one of these cats who'd summoned DeathClan.

Chapter 2

I traveled out the next day with Zapheart, my best friend since kithood. He was a sleek black tom with yellow splotches on his fur.

We walked toward the lake and stopped.

"I wonder what would happen if I drank some of this...." Zapheart said.

Horrified, I swiped a paw at him. "You would probably die." I said.

And that was why it terrified me when Zapheart took a drink.

He sat there for a moment. "See, nothing wrong."

And right after he said that, he began having convulsions.

Chapter 3

I ran to find some yarrow, and once I had the plant, I fed it to Zapheart. He immediately vomited and stopped convulsing.

Running over to him, I saw that he had a horrified look in his eyes. I let him curl up next to me and shiver.

Looking at where he'd vomited, I saw that a small stream of red was moving through the grass. It seemed to be heading toward the camp.

I supported Zapheart as we moved toward the camp, and while walking, I realized something.

The red was taking us to the cat who'd summoned DeathClan.

Moving faster, we walked toward the camp. Almost there, I thought.

Suddenly, I saw Squashkit running, and I couldn't stop him from walking through the red stream. The red stream that had nearly taken us to the culprit.

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