Dragonpaw/heart/star is the main character. She is a tortie she-cat with green-blue eyes. She can be too caring sometimes, though. She is killed in Shadowed Paths.

Leafwhisker/star is a main character. She is a light grey tabby with green eyes.

Icepaw/fur is a snow white tom with blue eyes and black tipped ears. He is the mate of Dragonstar and father of Flamepelt, Stormpaw, and Whitestripes. He is killed in Red in the Snow be Blizzard.

Sandpaw/pelt is a sandy brown tom with ginger tipped tail and ears. He is mate to Lightingstar, brother to Drangonstar, and father to Fireyes and Thunderkit. Is killed in Red in the Snow by Blizzard.

Blizzard is a white tom with blue eyes. He is grandfather to Icefur and great grandfather to Whitestripes, Flamepelt, and Stormpaw. He ages very slowly.

Flamepelt is daughter of Dragonstar and Icefur and sister to Stormpaw and Whitestripes. Her kits are Berrypaw and Bushpaw.

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