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Dirty little secret

It was the perfect plan. In the clear mist, two cats walked side by side. One, a white she-cat with a patch of black on her chest. The other, a dark gray tom with green eyes like leaves.
The she-cat was from the Clan that could jump as high as the stars, but the tom was from the Clan that could swim strong currents, too stubborn to think about what he was doing.
They walked alongside the gorge, the tom on the edge. Lightning striked the side, and the dark gray leaped back, falling...falling... the she-cat wailed, screaming her misery.
She felt the kicking in her belly, and she knew all was not lost.
At the Gathering, his leader yowled with rage. Was it murder? Suicide? Did he, indeed, fall? Despite the moon disappearing, fur ripped, blood flowed, and claws flashed. Only one a many survived.
The pain, the pain the she-cat felt was too strong. The dirty little secret she was bearing was killing her, ultimately. When the two came, they were not so different. Mothers are not required to tell whom the father is.
The she-cat she had, with light gray fur, did not open her eyes. Stillborn, she was.
The dark gray one with the black tail, he was given to another.
Her friend knew who the father was. She offered to bury her, and, without anyone knowing, she buried her on the border of the two's Clan. The moonlight shines on her grave, and Lightningsparks still knows about how his mother, a medicine cat, and his father, a deputy, broke the darkest law in the forest. And every day, he bares the pain of knowing he was a dirty little secret.


This was his revenge. He would not make his parent's mistakes. He would be more careful. He walked in the shadows with her. But most importantly, he walked in his mother's shadow.

Sequel: Dirty Little Liar

I decided you could listen to the song "Dirty little secret" by the All-American rejects while reading it. If you have dial-up, I understand. I go through the same stupid problems. If U Seek Clover

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