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Ok, so I came up with this idea and just had to do it. It's a TigerxGoldenxOC love triangle. My first attempt at a drabble. Somewhat inspired by the song Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin.

Summary - We all know that Goldenflower had another mate before Tigerstar. We know that he is the father of Swiftpaw and (possibly) Ravenpaw. But what we don't know? Who was that other mate, anyway? OOC.

Chapter One

I loved Ospreywing. Always had, always would. But our love was not to be.

I was only a kit when I met the black-and-white tom with amber eyes who stole my heart. He was strong, handsome, and sweet.

"Ospreypaw," I remembered saying. "Will you be my mate?"

And when he said 'yes,' my heart soared.

But there was a problem. Something was in the way. And its name was Tigerpaw.

Tigerpaw was in love with me, the lovesick stalker. I didn't think too much of him.

When we were young apprentices, he'd always want to go on the same patrols as I did and sleep as close to me as possible.

"Oh, my lovely Goldenpaw," he would sigh. "Everything about you drives me crazy. Your glossy pale ginger pelt, your stormy green're gorgeous."

I would just shrug it off and go talk to Ospreypaw while Tigerpaw watched us jealously.

And yes, Ospreywing and I were mates in secret. I couldn't openly be his mate when my mother Speckletail didn't approve of him, but that didn't stop me from meeting with him.

When Ospreywing was found dead, that just broke my heart. My world had collapsed, my life was pointless.

I found comfort in Tigerpaw, now Tigerclaw. He was more mature and even I had to admit that he wasn't unnatractive.

Not long after Ospreywing died, I found out I was pregnant. I had a litter of two - Swiftkit and Ravenkit. They were both black-and-white, like him, only Ravenkit had my eyes.

My Ravenpaw hadn't been an apprentice for very long when Firepaw and Graypaw told me he died. My poor son!

When I found out I was carrying Tigerclaw's kits, I felt guilty. I realized I didn't love him, that I was just using him as a substitute for Ospreywing. But I couldn't hold it against the kits.

And as I lie here, dying of greencough, I can't help but think of Ospreywing as my life is flashing before my eyes.

Goodbye, Ospreywing, I think. My one true love.

Those are my last thoughts before my soul leaves this world and goes to StarClan.

The End

(A/N: Aww, sad ending! Poor Goldenflower...poor Ospreywing...poor Swiftpaw and Ravenpaw. If you have any comments, leave them on the talk page. Thanks!)

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