Destiny of the Clans is a series of fanfics written by SmudgyHollz

Genre - Action/Adventure/Drama/Paranormal

Destiny of the Clans is a series about three cats who have been given elemental powers. Their strengths are tested to their limits as the Clans begin to fall apart. Can Bolta, Jay and Hollypaw save the Clans from the dark destiny that awaits them?

Set One - Falling Apart

  • Falling Down - Tawny struggles with the responsibility of kits while Bolta fights old and terrifying memories...
  • Shattered Hopes - Hollypaw discovers something shocking about her parents and Bolta reveals a horrible secret. One cat's blindness may ruin everything...
  • The Journey Begins - Bolta and Jay begin their journey to the lake and find that StarClan is always on their side...
  • The Lake - Bolta and Jay reach the lake but the Clans may turn out not to be as friendly as they had thought...
  • Broken Truce - A single Gathering spoils everything... No cat can take back what they have done or they will be killed, just like the one they watched die.
  • Blood Red - Bolta, Jay and Hollypaw discover things that may help them unravel the fog of mysteries that are wreathed around them. Can HollyClan, JayClan and BoltaClan make it?
  • Flood - Can water really distroy every cats hopes and dreams? Can it really destroy the place they had called home for so long?
  • The End - Is it the end? Or not? As it is not their time, a cat that may have appeared to be dead is re-born and given a second chance to live...
  • Gone Forever - Can the Clan really leave the lake? The place they had called home for so long? But since so much has changed in a matter of days, why not?

Sorry about the two chapter each story thing... It's all my computer could save...

Set Two - The Tribe of Moon Fire


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