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FogClan Allegiances


Violetstar, long-haired white she-cat with deep purple eyes


Echonose, dark brown tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes

Medicine Cat:

Foxtrot, bright ginger tabby she-cat with bold blue eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice:


Ashthorn, brown tabby tom with green eyes

Leafshade, white she-cat with ginger splotches and amber eyes

Badgertooth, black tom with white chest and amber eyes

Winterfall, white she-cat with icy blue eyes

Bloodclaw, black tom with dark amber eyes Sweetpetal gray she-cat with white spots and bright green eyes

Lovelyface, pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes and a pink nose

Slickfur, black tom

Flintfur, black and gray tom with amber eyes

Coalfoot, ginger tom with black feet

Kinklegs, gray and white tom with one crooked leg

Mothfur, brown tabby tom with bright green eyes

Mousetalon,  pale ginger tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue-gray eyes

Redfangs,  sleek black she-cat with red eyes

Littlestorm,  gray tom with blue eyes, smallest tom

Oatclaw,  light brown tom with tiger stripes and amber eyes

Pureheart,  white she-cat with thick spotted fur and blue eyes

Pantherpelt,  black she-cat with green eyes and a white flash on her chest

Magiceyes, blue-gray she-cat with a white chest and one white paw and blue eyes

Rivermist, gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Vineflower, golden tabby she-cat with dark amber eyes


Fogpaw, gray tabby she-cat with white chest and tail

Pinepaw, ginger tom with green eyes

Oakpaw, sandy brown tom with ginger splotches

Quailpaw, dark brown tom with ginger flecks

Poppypaw, calico she-cat with a white tail and bright blue eyes


Dirtkit, brown tabby tom with hazel eyes

Silentkit, tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Fourkit, black tom with amber eyes

Cometkit, ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes

Daisykit, white she-cat with ginger legs


Gladeheart, brown she-cat with white tail

Sweetfur, black and ginger she-cat

Jinglestep, white and brown tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes


Goldenrain,  golden she-cat with amber eyes

Dapplenose,  ginger she-cat with white spots

FlameClan Allegiances


Froststar, beautiful gray she-cat with a white chest


Owlpelt, dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Apprentice: Burningpaw

Medicine Cat:

Pricklemist, white she-cat with messy fur

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Firepelt, ginger tom with blue eyes


Cinderwind, gray tom

Runningfoot, black and white tom with amber eyes

Moonfall, light gray she-cat

Apprentice: Furzepaw

Smalltail,  small gray tom with ginger patches and a small tail

Cloudgaze, ginger she-cat with green eyes and a pink nose

Apprentice: Clawpaw

Dovewing, white she-cat with dark green eyes

Dewfur, Spotted gray she-cat

Leopardheart, ginger tom with black spots

Apprentice: Bravepaw

Woody, dark brown tabby tom, formerly loner

Ashfrost, tortoiseshell she-cat

Tallface, black and white tom with a narrow face

Rosesplash, cream she-cat


Furzepaw, pale ginger tabby she-cat

Clawpaw, black and white tomt

Bravepaw, ginger tom with amber eyes

Burningpaw, ginger tom with blue eyes


Whitekit, white she-cat with a black tail


Raindrop, blue-gray she-cat with green eyes


Voleclaw,  black tom

Frostynose,  white she-cat

AdderClan Allegiances


Fangstar, black tom with amber eyes and gray paws


Jadepoppy, pal;e ginger she-cat with a dark ginger chest and green eyes

Medicine Cat:

Barkcloud, dark brown tom

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Embertalon, long-haired tortoiseshell with green eyes


Cinderwind, gray tom

Branchtail, white she-cat with a dark ginger tail

Featherfrost, light gray she-cat

Apprentice: Raggedpaw

Snowstripe, slender white she-cat with dazzling blue eyes

Shimmergaze, black she-cat

Apprentice: Skypaw

Robinwing, dark gray she-cat with ginger chest

Apprentice: Flowerpaw

Spottedfur, Spotted ginger she-cat

Sunnyfur, ginger and white she-cat

Wheatwhisker, brown tabby tom with green eyes and one white paw

Heatherfrost, ginger tabby


Raggedpaw, dark brown tom

Skypaw, gray tom

Flowerpaw, gray and white she-cat


Dawnkit, gray she-cat with green eyes

Dapplekit, gray she-cat with white spots

Fernkit, ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Wolfkit, silver tabby she-cat with green eyes

Splashkit, dark ginger tabby tom


Daisyfern, black she-cat with white splotches

Gingermist, golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes


Badgerfoot,  black tom

Whitefoot,  gray she-cat with white paws

GlowClan Allegiances


Wildstar, slender brown she-cat with green eyes and three ginger paws


Lightningsong, dark brown she-cat with white flecks of fur

Medicine Cat:

Featherpool, tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Softpaw, siamese patterned she-cat


Briarshine, brown tabby she-cat

Firetail, bright ginger she-cat

Apprentice: Mistypaw

Brackenthorn, light brown tom

Lionclaw, golden tabby tom with blue eyes

Aquaeyes, calico she-cat with blue-green eyes

Eagleblaze, brown and white tom

Mudtalon, dark brown tom

Sungaze, golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Amberstreak, dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentice: Bumblepaw

Fallowdrift, black tom with blue eyes

Torchflight, brown tom

Talonflight, dark brown tom

Acorntail, gray tom

Wavefrost, gray and white she-cat

Coralfeather, cream and black tabby she-cat with amber eyes


Mistypaw, gray she-cat with blue eyes

Bumblepaw, golden tom with black stripes

Dancingpaw, black she-cat with green eyes


Hawkkit, mottled ginger tom

Mottlekit, mottled gray she-cat

Grasskit, dark brown she-cat


Daisyfern, black she-cat with white splotches

Waterbreeze, dark brown she-cat with white spots


Herontalon,  black and white tom

Birdsong,  ginger she-cat

Fernpoppy,  white she-cat






Chapter One

"Fogpaw, from this moment on you will be known as Fogwhisker. StarClan honors your loyalty and enthusiasm, and we welcome you as a full member of FogClan."

"Fogwhisker! Fogwhisker!" Mousetalon called proudly. She had done it! She had trained a warrior! Fogwhisker and Pinepelt were bouncing with excitement, and having trouble keeping their mouths shut. Mousetalon smiled at Fogwhisker before padding off to do the dusk patrol with Winterfall and Oakpaw. The younger apprentice sighed.

"What's wrong with you, Oakpaw?" Winterfall asked.

"Now I only have Poppypaw and Quailpaw to talk to," the young tom hissed. Mousetalon chuckled.

"Be glad you have Poppypaw, still, Oakpaw, Vineflower tells me that Quailpaw is annoying," she meowed. Winterfall shot her a sharp glance.

"I think Poppypaw likes me," Oakpaw admitted, "Not that I mind." Winterfall's eyes softened and Mousetalon and her exchanged an amused glance.

Later, when Mousetalon padded into the warriors den, she hissed. The only spot left was next to Mothfur! The brown tom was awake still, his green eyes gazing at her. She padded over and sat next to him. She glanced around. Echonose and Kinklegs were sharing tongues, and so were Redfangs and Bloodclaw. She shyly lapped down a piece of fur on Mothfur's pelt that was ruffled. He shuddered slightly, and mover closer to her, licking her ears. She was surprised by the gesture, which usually was a sign of affection. She licked his cheek. He purred.

Chapter Two

"Mousetalon, wake up!" came a gentle voice. Mousetalon opened her eyes, and with extreme embarrassment, realized that she had fallen asleep on Mothfur! She scrambled up, nervous that he would be angry, but to her relief his eyes were bright with amusement. Rivermist and Pureheart were choking back laughter, and Redfangs and Shrewear couldn't hold back. Mousetalon bared her teeth at them, and stalked out of the den, where Echonose was organizing patrols. Her former mentor glanced at her.

"Mousetalon, lead a border patrol with Fogwhisker, Rivermist, and . . . um . . . Mothfur." Mousetalon closed her eyes. Of course she was going to patrol with him.

As she padded out of camp with Fogwhisker at her side, and Mothfur and Rivermist behind her, she was careful to keep her eyes away from the tabby tom. They scented another border patrol from FlameClan nearby, and soon enough, the patrol of three emerged from the trees.

"Oh, what a surprise, FogClan kittypets," the leader of the patrol sneered.

"We're not looking for a confrontation, Owlpelt, we're just patroling," Mousetalon growled. Owlpelt bared his teeth at her, and led the patrol off. Mothfur nodded at Mousetalon approvingly before they continued the patrol. Fogwhisker bounced to her side.

"Are you and Mothfur mates now?" she asked. Mousetalon hissed.

"Of course not!" she meowed hotly. Fogwhisker chuckled.

When the patrol was done, Mothfur beckoned her to join him in the den. She sat beside him.

"You look beautiful today, Mousetalon," Mothfur purred. Mousetalon's eyes widened in surprise.

"Thank you," she meowed silently, looking at her paws. Mothfur scooted closer to her until he was pressed against her.

"I'm sorry about how I've been acting lately," he said. Mousetalon nodded quietly.

"I forgive you, Mothfur."

"Will you be my mate?"

Time Lapse of Eight Moons . . .

Chapter Three

"Purplekit! Get back in here!"

"But Momma, I want to watch Foxtrot organize the herbs!" the mottled brown she-kit wailed. Mousetalon sighed. She had just recently had Mothfur's kits- Blazekit, Purplekit, Songkit, and Lionkit, and she had been cramped in the nursery all day with  Jinglestep. Gladeheart had finally moved out of the den when Silentpaw, Cometpaw, and Daisypaw had become apprentices, along with Sweetfur, when Dirtpaw and Fourpaw followed. Jinglestep now had two beautiful kits- Amethystkit and Harekit. Mousetalon had been training Silentpaw for as long as possible, but now Pureheart had taken over since the kits came.

Purplekit's violet eyes gleamed as she watched Blazekit pounce on Lionkit. Mousetalon purred when Mothfur padded in. He nuzzled her and sat down.

"Vineflower wants you to go hunting with her," he purred, "I'll watch them."

"Thank you," Mousetalon replied and padded out to where Vineflower stood waiting.

"Let;s go," Vineflower meowed and the two padded into the forest.

"How are the kits?" Vineflower asked as Mousetalon trotted back with a small thrush.

"Eager," Mousetalon huffed as she sat down, "I can't get a wink of sleep!" Vineflower laughed. She padded toward camp and Mousetalon followed. Violetstar approached her.

"Groom your kits, I am making them apprentices," she purred and leaped onto Highrock. Mousetalon darted to the nursery and started to lick her kits.

Chapter Four

"Mousetalon, take Purplepaw to Twolegplace and gather catmint, quickly," Foxtrot called. She was bent over Rivermist, who was coughing uncontrollably. Littlestorm and Oatclaw wheezed nearby, and Winterfall was sleeping in a nearby nest. Mousetalon nodded and flicked her tail for her daughter to follow her.

"Will they die?" Purplepaw asked in a worried tone.

"Not if we get the catmint," Mousetalon replied. Purplepaw nodded and ran after her until they reached a small Twoleg nest. A tortoiseshell kittypet jumped onto the fence.

"Get off my territory," she hissed, trying to look dangerous. Mousetalon rolled her eyes and stepped forward.

"Her territory?" Purplepaw smirked, flicking her tail in amusement. Mousetalon shushed her by covering her mouth with her tail.

"We just need catmint," she purred calmly.

"I'll shred you before you enter my garden," the kittypet warned, unsheathing her not-so-sharp claws. Mousetalon grinned and unsheather her claws. The kittypet hissed and leaped at her, and Mousetalon dodged the she-cat and raked her shoulder, easily pinning her. The kittypet surprised her by kicking her belly hard with Clan strength, and leaping free. Mousetalon charged again and tripped her with a move Winterfall had taught her, and pinned her again.

"Do you want to continue, or let us take the catmint?" she growled. The kittypet squirmed in terror, though her eyes blazed with anger.

"Take it!" she wailed, and Mousetalon released her and purred as she ran off. By then, Purplepaw had collected the catmint, and the pair ran back to camp, where Foxtrot greeted them.

"Wonderful job, thank you," she meowed, grabbing the leaves and running into her den, with Purplepaw at her heels. Mousetalon padded over to sit by Echonose, whose face seemed tired and extremely stressed.

"Are you okay?" she asked the deputy.

"Kinklegs is ill . . ." Echonose murmured, her face creasing with worry for her mate. Mousetalon nuzzled her.

"We got the catmint, he will be alright," she comforted. Echonose merely nodded, as though her mind was somewhere else, and her tail dismissed Mousetalon with a sweep.

Chapter Five

"Songpaw is doing very well," Fogwhisker commented to Mousetalon as the pair scouted the border. They had sent off Silentpaw and Songpaw to play and were enjoying the peace for a few moments.

"I'm glad," Mousetalon replied, "After all, she has a wonderful mentor."

"Only because she had a wonderful mentor," Fogwhisker added modestly. Mousetalon chuckled. Suddenly, a tortoiseshell and white pelt emerged from the trees with a white and gray shape behind it.

"Hey, Momma!" Songpaw greeted, her green eyes glittering. Silentpaw laughed and licked her tortoiseshell fur.

"We scented a GlowClan patrol around the border, but it was stale," Silentpaw reported.

"Good," Fogwhisker murmured, "Let's get back to camp."

Back at camp, Violetstar was sitting on Highrock, her deep purple eyes glazed. She stared at nothing, muttering to herself. It was obvious she was nearing the end of her ninth life. Mousetalon felt a pang of grief. Violetstar had been leader since she had been born, it would be so different without her. Violetstar trembled. Four new shapes emerged from the trees- Mousetalon's two sons, Blazepaw and Lionpaw, home from battle practice. Rivermist was teasing Blazepaw gently about a battle move and Redfangs was quizzing Lionpaw on battle techniques. Purplepaw emerged from the medicine cat's den. Her eyes gleamed when she saw Songpaw, and she bounded over to talk to her. Oakfur, Quailfang, and Poppyshine, recently made warriors, were around camp, and Poppyshine and Oakfur were sharing tongues. Cometpaw and Daisypaw were flicking a piece of moss back and forth, while Amethystkit and Harekit watched with wide eyes. Leafshade was staring silently into the trees, and Gladeheart was prodding Jinglestep to get back into the nursery.

"Hey, Mousetalon," Mothfur greeted as he padded up to her. Mousetalon purred.

"Our kits are doing so well," she murmured happily.

"I never thought I'd see you act so . . ." Mothfur began.

"So what?" Mousetalon challenged playfully.


Chapter Six

"Violetstar is dying!"

Mousetalon jumped up and prodded Vineflower, who was sleeping lightly beside her. The mournful call came from Foxtrot, and Purplepaw was assisting her in carrying her body, which was barely breathing, to her den. The warriors crowded around the den. Purplepaw ran out.

"She needs Echonose and the senior warriors," she called. Quailfang stepped up, but Winterfall bared her teeth at him.

"You're not a senior warrior," she snarled. Quailfang hissed, but stepped back under the Clan's glare. After what seemed like an eternity, Echonose stepped out with a look of pure sorrow.

"She's gone."

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