Snarlclaw and Thistlefur were standing up against each other, their fur fluffed out and their claws unsheathed. Their backs were arched a they snarled at an intruding kittypet they had cornered. "Stay away from BearClan territory! Go! Now!" Snarlclaw snarled, her tail lashing.

"I-I can't," the kittypet began bravely before Thistlefur lashed out and caught its neck. It howled in pain and darted between the kittermates and leaped onto her fence. "Ha ha," She taunted before disapppearing out of reach of the two muscular warriors.

Nausicaa lay on her couch, panting. Her twolegs were gathered around her cooing worriedly. Including a new one. The vet. Nausicaa growled and leaped up, hissing and spitting. She whipped around and hurried out he cat flap. They called back to her, but she ignored them. I'm tough enough to survive on my own'!

She found herself wandering through the suburbs. She saw a wrapper on the ground and nosed it over. It read: Strawberry TWIZZLERS. Nausicaa was a smart cat, mind, and had taught herself to read. She looked at the warpper one more time and decided her name wasn't Nausicaa any more.

Twiz decided to go to BearClan. She wanted to join, to be one of those big, tough cats. She was really quiet miniature for her age, though, and her raven-black pelt made her more liable to join DeathClan.She looked around and headed off into the forest, searching through thick pines. She saw shadows and darkness before she reached DeathClan Camp...

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