All was peaceful in the darkening forest, mice scattering towards base and birds flying towards their nest, but all that peacefulness and silence was broken by a scream of agony coming from some rocks beside a river,that scream of agony came from one cat. Sunfur yowled in pain as she gave birth to one kit. Blossompad smiled, but something was wrong, Sunfur kept on pushing but nothing was coming out. Her mate,Gingerfire, frowned and turned to Leafpool "What's wrong with her that can't be it!" He meowed worriedly. Blossompad walked over to Sunfur and sniffed her flank. After a few moments of thinking she realised what was wrong, the last kitten was stuck in the birth canal. As Blossompad gave Sunfur some you and tried to patch up as much as the blood as she could without blocking the kit she mewed to herself "Oh dear Starclan, its like Silverstream all over again!" Blossompad had been told about Silverstream by Leafpool before she left to retire. Hearing this the third cat,Snowpatch,cocked her head but before she could speak Blossompad thrust the born kit into her face and meowed "Lick!" Snowpatch obeyed and bent down and licked the kit. After about 10 minutes of trying to get the last kit free she succeeded and thrust that one into Gingerfire's face and said the same thing, but Sunfur was getting weaker,so weak she didn't even have the strength to open her mouth to take Blossompad's herbs. About a few minutes later Sunfur seemed to give up and slumped unmoving to the ground. Blossompad looked up towards Gingerfire and said "I'm sorry, I did all I can but she couldn't pull through, she's with Starclan now." Gingerfire winced, "But what about the kits he asked looking down at his kit. "Errmm..ohh! Fernpelt will take them,she's only got two kits, I'm sure shell agree!" "okay." He mumbled " Don't worry the clan will greive for her but first we need to get her back to camp. Come on." Blossompad said as she and Snowpatch carried Sunfur's body whilst Gingerfire carried the two kits. "Let's get back home."

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