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Chapter One

Leafpool was watching the camp from the Medicine Cats' den, waiting for a chance to sneak out and visit Crowfeather who was on the edge of WindClan teritory. At last Cinderpelt fell asleep and Leafpool walked out of the den to the very edge of the forest to where Crowfeather was waiting. "You came!" he meowed in delight.

"Yes." Leafpool meowed dully.

"What is it?" asked Crowfeather. "And have you thought about what I said last time?"

"Yes I have, and I will come with you." Leafpool meowed. "Crowfeather, I have something else to tell you."

"What? Wait you're going to tell me about the lives inside you, right?"

"What! H-how did you find out?"

"You are not as sleek as you were, soon your Clan will know you are having kits."

"I- yes I'm having kits Crowfeather, but where will we go?"

"I don't know Leafpool, wait, how about near Sun-Drown Place?"

"Sure." And they set off to their teritories.

Chapter Two

"Leafpool!" called Squirrelflight. Leafpool halted in the middle of the clearing. It was moonhigh and Squirrelflight was on guard.

"Shh!" hissed Leafpool. "Not so loud!"

"Sorry. What are you doing?"



"I'm leaving ThunderClan to go on a journey with Crowfeather."

"What! Leafpool why?"

"I love Crowfeather, Squirrelflight and," she dropped her voice to a whisper. "I'm having his kits." Squirrelflight looked away, shocked. "Oh, Leafpool." she meowed.

"I'll miss you Squirrelflight." Plunk! Something hit her on the head. Bark! Leafpool ran to Crowfeather's hiding place."Leafpool,come on!" And they set out on their journey to Sun-Drown Place.

Chapter Three

"They're coming!" Leafpool yowled. They were on a sandy moorland and Leafpool was giving birth to her kits. "Leafpool you'll be okay. Just tell me what to do." The first kit was coming and it fell on the sand."Crowfeather, the kitting sac!" Leafpool wheezed. Crowfeather nipped the sac and the kit fell out. "A she-kit!" Crowfeather meowed and he started licking. "That's it." Leafpool meowed.

"What? Only one?"

"Yes, but Crowfeather it's your kit too, aren't you happy?"

"Yes Leafpool, I am." The kit was black and light brown and her eyes were green. "Let's call her Starkit." meowed Leafpool and from that day on Stardapple, Crowfeather, and Leafpool lived a great life by Sun-Drown Place.


People the name is different because Star was never used and I didn't want the name to be Hollykit, Lionkit, or Jaykit. -User:Leafwhisker