In SkyClan territory...
Warrior's den- At the top of the gorge, under CloudClan territory.
Elder's den- Beneath the Warrior's den, near the Leader's den, so the Elders are protected.
Nursery- Hidden beneath the rocks. Rat claw marks decorate the nursery.
Leader's Den- Leafstar's den. Directly across from the Rockpile.
Medicine Cat's den- Echosong's den. Can easily get out of the Camp to go to the Shining Cave.
Apprentice's den- A den further away from camp. Apprentices can easily escape in case of attack.
Rockpile- A place for calling ceremonies.
Fallen Tree- A place for Mentors to take their apprentices and train.
River- a place to fetch water. Of course, now there is a waterfall that leads right past the apprentice's den and onto the other territories.

In CloudClan territory...
Camp - Nested in the trees, and has a good view of SkyClan. Of course, the peaceful CloudClanners would never dream of hurting them.
Forests - Good for catching Squirrels and other woodland animals, CloudClan's specialty.

In FireClan territory...
Camp - protected on most sides by rocks, the cats sleep in dens created of rocks. Lots of space, and has a river close to it.
Plains - Flat, open space. Great for catching all kinds of prey!

Out of the Clan territories...
Shining Cave- Once known as 'Sky's den', the shining walls of the cave provide a way for the StarClan of the forest to contact both SkyClan and the ThunderClanners.
Sky Rock- A rock that gives a clear view of the moon. Serves as a gathering place.

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