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Chapter 1

I was really, really excited. Today was the day. The day we would attack my former owners.

I was also excited with how much Duskshadow and I were in love. He was so wonderful. I was still trying to figure out why he smelled so much like buttered daisies. Oh, how I loved that smell. The rest of the Clan smelled like that too, but it was him who smelled the most like it. Warm, toasty, comforting. All ways I described his smell.

The Clan took their positions around my old home. I could smell my male owner in the yard. That was when we sprang.

Duskshadow, Mousewhisper, Mudheart, and I were up in a tree, where my companions watched the battle at a safe distance while watching over me. Mudheart and Mousewhisper were in love. I could tell, and Duskshadow could tell.

We all sat in the tree, while the battle progressed below.

Chapter 2

Later, when the entire thing was over, we returned to the camp. I was full of good feelings.

The Clan had attacked my owners. They'd knocked over everything in the yard. They'd torn up the grass.

My owners had hopefully learned their lessons. They shouldn't have messed with us in the first place.

I walked over to Duskshadow. I had to talk to him about something.

Chapter 3

"Duskshadow," I said, "I wanna have kits."

I could feel Duskshadow tense. I could tell that he was horrified. Like I'd said something that had stirred up an old memory.

"No." He breathed quietly.

We sat there for a moment. Then I spoke. "Duskshadow, I—"

"Leave." He said, sounding like he was shaking with anger. "And never come back."

This shocked me more than anything ever could. Turning tail, I fled into the trees.

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