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Chapter 1

It was a quiet day. I padded through the forest.

Yesterday, I'd asked Duskshadow what color my pelt was, because I'd never known.

He'd told me that it was a beautiful shade of ginger. I'd liked that.

Padding through the forest, I caught a smell and immediately recognized it as buttered bread. What was human food doing in the forest? I moved toward the smell. There was something strange about this bread. It smelled like buttered bread, but at the same time, it didn't. It had a weird tinge to it.

As I moved closer to the bread, I realized immediately what was different about it.

It was poisoned.

Chapter 2

I dashed back to the camp and burst through the bushes.

"Duskshadow!" I called. My new mate moved toward me.

"Jilly, what's wrong?" He asked. I calmed down a little bit. I was always soothed by his voice.

"My owners are trying to poison us!" I said, and explained to him about the bread.

I could tell Duskshadow was panicking when he didn't answer me.

"Jilly," he said, "the Clan just went out. One of the warriors had found some of that bread, and the rest of Clan went out to look for it. They're going to eat it."

Chapter 3

Duskshadow and I immediately ran to catch up with the rest of the Clan. I'd recognized the smell from the bread as rat poison, and lots of it. Enough to kill a cat.

Following the Clan's smell, Duskshadow and I ran faster, but I always stayed next to my mate. I was really starting to love him. We had something together.

Suddenly, the smell of the Clan hit me hard. "They're up ahead!" I shouted.

Duskshadow and I burst through some bushes and into what seemed like a clearing.

"DON'T EAT THAT!" Duskshadow said.

He and I then proceded to tell the Clan about the poison.

Chapter 4

The next day, Stripestar called another meeting.

"This has gone on long enough," she said. "Tomorrow, we attack Jilly's former owners. They need to learn that no one messes with WaspClan."

The Clan shouted their agreement.

So this was it. Something inside of me told me that tomorrow would decide the fate of my new Clan. Was I nervous? Of course.

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