Sorreltail: I'm tired of doing all the work! You always sit and read comics all day!

Brackenfur: Ha! Archy got hit in the head with a coconut!

Sorreltail: Brackenfur!

Brackenfur: What, sweetie?

Sorreltail: I want to go do something fun!

Brackenfur: How about mouse catching? Just you and me?

Sorreltail: We could always do that!

Brackenfur: How about going to Twolegplace and going to.......hmm......Mcdonalds?

Sorreltail: I'd love to!

Brackenfur: Can we rent a limo?

Sorreltail: You're paying.

Brackenfur: Hello? Yes, we would like to rent a limo. For one night please. Okay, bye. Sorreltail, you look so cute in that outfit.

Sorreltail: Thank you!


Brackenfur: I hope Cinderkit is doing well with Shrewkit. And Molekit. And Honeykit.

Sorreltail: Don't forget Poppykit!

Twoleg Waiter: Hello.

Sorreltail: Huh?

Twoleg Waiter: Sorry. I spoke human, so now I'm speaking cat.

Brackenfur: Huh?

The End

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