Hi, Frostflight here! This is an RP (roleplay) between my friends Flameheart (Flamehart on this site), Hawkfeather (Sparrowfeather on this site) and me, just plain Frostflight. You may remember these characters from Fire, Ice, and Some Other Flying Thing, where they were kits/apprentices. The RP is about Thunderclans' new deputy, Bloodscar, a handsome and extremely ambitious tom, who's plotting against the clan. His mate, Shiningheart, is a total bimbo, and does not suspect a thing. The leader is now Bramblestar, we had to eliminate Firestar (sorry). It is still mostly comedy. Flameheart still greatly dislikes Blackstar (big disadvantage for later in the story), Hawkfeather is still annoyingly optimistic and afraid of rabbits, and Frostflight still has a deep passion for deathberries (she's allowed to eat them as long as she takes yarrow after).


Characters: Hawkfeather - Ginger and brown swirled she-cat with amber eyes. Energetic, afraid of rabbits, annoyingly optimistic. Rped by Hawkfeather.Frostflight - Pure white she-cat with blue eyes. Oblivious to the concept of danger and has a strange obsession with deathberries. Rped by Frostflight.Flameheart - A orange tabby with green eyes. An over eager cat that attacks everbody for Blackstar, not afraid to tell people what she feels about them and if long enough in a tree she might fall asleep. RPed by Flameheart.Bloodscar - Orange, black, and white tom with yellow eyes. Evil, manipulative, and ambitous. Think Tigerstar, but with different fur. RPed by Frostflight.Shiningheart - Shiningheart is beautiful golden she-cat with shining blue eyes. Beautiful, flirty, stupid, popular... a total bimbo. RPed by Hawkfeather.

Bloodscar's Plot

Hawkfeather padded into the ThunderClan camp. She had just been hunting. A wicked grin spread across the she-cat's face. Those mice hadn't stood a chance! Sitting in a tree is a very good way of catching prey, Hawkfeather noted. the ginger and brown warrior stepped into the medicine cat's den. Frostflight would get a kick out of this!

Frostflight Wipped her head around when she heard her sister come into the medicine cats den. " What has happened?" she asked anxiously. Her sister hadn't come to the Medicine cats den to visit in so long that Frostflight thought she must have forgotten her exictnce, and all the adventures they had as kits

"Hey, Frostflight!" Hawkfeather mewed happily. "You'd never believe what just happened!" Hawkfeather's eyes glinted in amusement.

"what is it?" frostflight asked, "Oh, no! I bet it's something bad. It's always something bad! By the way, did you see any deathberries on your way in?"

"No, no, no, and I think there's a pile outside! Anyway, remember when we attacked WindClan as kits? Well, guess who I ran into!"

"Who?" Frostflight asked, excited. all anxiouty gone.

"Crowfeather!" Hawkfeather mewed, then burst into laughter. "Remember the look on his face when he heard he had to bring us back?"

"Oh!" Frostflight bust out laughing. Feeling the giddy glee she had felt when she was a kit, racing through unknown territory. She hadn't felt this close to her sister in a while, and she liked the feeling .

"Oh! Oh! Oh! And do you remember when we played 'poke the hedgehog'? And poked Grandpaw instead?" Hawkfeather went off again.

Frostflight listened, and felt all the memories rush back, soon they were mewing in each others mouths about the old days, the thrills, the adventures, and all the habits they HADN'T grown out of.

Hawkfeather laughed until she hyperventilated and passed out. Then, Frostflight woke her and they laughed even more. "Oh!" She gasped happily. "You know, we should do this more often." "Yeah." Frostflight said excitedly. "'cept we couldn't get away with as many things now as we could as kits." Frosflight mewed softly, smiling sadly.

"I know..." Hawkfeather looked up at the stars. "When Grandpaw was still alive. I miss him." Then her head snapped down. "It's not that I don't think our current leader isn't a good one, it's just..." Hawkfeather looked down at the ground and sighed.


Frostflight overheard her Sisters talking and Ran outside "Can I join you?" She asked excitedly

"Sure! It'll be even more fun with three! Hey, where were you? Bloodscar asked for help, then, you didn't come back..."

"Bloodscar can go without help long enough, for all I care."

Hawkfeather cocked her head, confused. "But... where were you?"

"I was... Oh, well it doesn't matter where I was, now let's play Throw dirt on the warriors and then hide, Please?" Hawkfeather shrugged. "Well, if you insist... Hey, there's Ashfur!" Hawkfeather scrambled into the nearest bush. "Come on!" Frostflight Peeked over the top of the bush, then scooped up a pawful of particular wet dirt( it was so wet it was actually mud), and tossed it.

"What?" Ashfur exclaimed and looked around. Hawkfeather giggled, then slapped her own paw over her mouth to stop the noise. "Hey, where did that - Ew, mud." Ashfur wrinkled up his nose. "Who threw that?" He turned around and looked around him. Once his back was turned, Hawkfeather picked up a pawful of mud and flung it at Ashfur. It hit splat on the back of his head.

Frostflight doubled over laughing and scooped up another pawful of mud, and tossed it at Shiningheart, who was just walking by.

Shiningheart felt something wet hit her back. "Wha-a-t?" She squeaked. Then she flicked her tail into it. "MUD!" She yowled in disgust! "WAAAA!!!" Hawkfeather giggled like crazy. Shiningheart always reacted the best. "Good shot." She whispered. Then she scooped up more mud and flung it at the golden she-cat. The golden she-cat flung her head in every direction. "I'm gonna tell Bloodscar!" She whined.

Frostflight Scooped up another pawful of dirt, hoping starclan wouldn't judge her too badly, and flung it at ashfur, but Ashfur had already caught on, he ducked, and the mud Landed on someone else, Bramblestar.

"Oh no." Hawkfeather breathed. Bramblestar knew that the three sisters liked to do this. "Run!" She whispered to her siblings and ran off, gracefully dodging twigs and leafs that would give her away. Hawkfeather continued running until she reached the regrouping point, a large rock where she, Frostflight, and Flameheart would always meet up at after causing trouble. Frostflight ran towards the windclan border, but changed her mind and headed for the regrouping stone instead


Shiningheart sat in camp, giving herself a good washing. She had just washed herself off in the river, only to come back and be hit by - Shiningheart shuddered even as she thought the word - mud. Whoever had done that was going to pay. Bloodscar would see to that. He looked pretty mad, along with Bramblestar, who had taken a glob of - shudder - mud right in the face. "Oh, Bloodscar! You have to find the... the... the fox-dung who did this!" Shiningheart batted her perfect eyelashes winningly over her shining blue eyes.

Bloodscar sighed. "Of course, my dear." he said. Then he padded of to go have a loooong chat with Bramblestar about it.

Shiningheart smiled happily. "Oh, thank you, so, so, much! I wouldn't be able to sleep at night with the knowledge that someone could drop," Shiningheart paused for a moment. Should she say the hideous word? No, no, no, that couldn't do. "that stuff on me at any moment!" As Bloodscar padded off, Shiningheart felt extremly lucky to have such a powerful, caring, and oh, so handsome mate.

Meanwhile, at the regrouping stone...

"Dads gonna be soooo mad!" Frostflight said,"He'll probably keep us from the gathering, and I was going to tell mothwing about the new bush of deathberries I found out in the forest today."

Hawkfeather smiled smugly and smoothed down her chest fur with a lick. "He doesn't know that we were the ones who did it, though, does he?"

"Oh? He didn't see us? What a relief. I thought I might die, think of being caught doing such a simple trick. How embarrasing." Frostflight lay down on the warm rocks.

"Simple?!" Hawkfeather hissed. "Playing throw-mud-at-senior-warriors-and-hide is an art which takes moons to perfect! There's timing, and hiding place, and - " Hawkfeather stopped at Frostflights' shocked expression and grinned. "Aw, throw it in the lake, it's simple. And stupid." She lay down next to her sister.

"Of course, it's not very hard throwing mud at other clan members. I mean all you need is mud, your paws, and of coarse, the guts."

Hawkfeather grinned again. "The guts are very important. Especially when you get caught." She stretched out on the rock as far as she could, tail touching the edge and ears just missing the other side.

"Yup." Frostflight leaned her head back, soaking in the evening sun. "I really felt quite young while throwing that mud." She mewed and giggled quietly.

"Mmhm." Hawkfeather spread herself out on the rock, like a peice of crow-food on the Thunderpath. There was silence by the Regrouping Stone for a while, the songs of birds mixing with the rustling of the leaves as the warm late new-leaf breeze gently stirred them. The sun threw it's rays onto the two cats, warming them into a state of half-sleep.

"Where did Flameheart run off to?" Frostflight asked.

"Hmm?" Hawkfeather asked. She hadn't really been paying attention, and she hadn't planned on it, but there was an undertone of worry in Frostflight's voice.

"Why didn't she come here? Do you think Brambly got her?"

"Who? And what about Brambleystars?" Hawkfeather was wide awake now. Once, she had called Brambleystars Brambleyclaws, but by the time he became the leader, Hawkfeather had grown out of that silly habit. Now, she called him Brambleystars. "Flameheart?" Hawkfeather leapt to her feet. The familiar ginger pelt was nowhere to be found. "Oh no! Flameheart is gone!" A horrible thought struck her. "What if Brambleystars got her?" She asked urgently. "What is so funny?"

"what do you mean, what is so funny? isn't it obvious, Flameheart would never ever get caught. its funny that you actually thought that." Frostflight fell back into giggles.

"Is that why you are laughing so hard?" Her sister looked like her sides might crack if she laughed any harder. "It's not funny! I was worried for our sister!" Hawkfeather tried to keep a serious expression. "Seriously!" Frostflight only laughed harder. Hawkfeather felt a small smile start to crack. Soon, her whole serious act was dissolved and Hawkfeather was on the ground with Frostflight.

They laughed and laughed and laughed. Flameheart hid behind some bushes away from her sister. the she jumped out from the bush yelling "RARRRRRRRRRRRRR"

"Whaaa!" they both screamed, then dissolved into giggles once more.

Flameheart was laing on the ground and was laughing to death over the look in her sisters faces.

After Hawkfeather gained control of herself, she stood up and slowly grinned. "RAWR!" She yelled and leapt at Flameheart.

Flamehart was still laugh "hi you two! did i scare you?"

"Whatdaya think?" Hawkfeather yowled as she flew towards her sister. She crashed into Flameheart, knocking her down.

"was you really woried for me?" she said ina teesing voice

"Not really!" Hawkfeather replied cheerfully. Flamehart started to bite her sister in the ear and smiling. Frostflight put her head down and closed her eyes, smiling ay her sisters kittish behaviors.

Flameheart sat her self up and randomly said "Blackstar looks like a sheep...."

"I think we all know that." Frostflight said and giggled uncontrollably.

Flameheart all of a sudden stoped smiling and looked over to some bushes were she had seen movements. the creature come out side to the light, Flamehart face smiled again and said to her sister " are you still afraid of rabbits?"

"Yes she is!!!!" Frostflight squealed, "Let's catch it and terrorize her with it!"

Hawkfeather didn't reply. Her eyes had grown the size of the moon, and her whole body was trembling like an earthquake. "R-r-r..." Hawkfeather didn't finish her sentence.

Flamehart started laugh when she saw her sister face.

"AHHH!!!!!" Hawkfeather screamed and clawed her way up a tree and looked down with terrified eyes at the small fluffy white thing. Flameheart and Frostflight laughed. Hawkfeather didn't reply. She was fixed with every part of her being on the rabbit, who was now looking really weirded out.

Flameheart went in a hunting posision and jumped over the rabbit jelling "DIE BLACKSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the rabbit looked up to the ataccing cat and ran away i horror.

Frostflight hadnt stopped laughing, even for a second, since they had gotten there(almost), and was running out of air. she gasped for breath but couldn't stop laughing.

"awww it ran away" Flamehart said with a sad voice and walked back to her sister with the head looking at the ground.

Hawkfeather watched as the rabbit bolted into the trees in terror. "Phew!" She mewed, then leapt off of the branch, landing squarely on a mouse. Hawkfeather didn't have to bite it. It was as flat as crow-food. "Hey! I got mouse!" Hawkfeather scraped the mouse off the ground and offered some to the saddened Flameheart. "Want some?"

"EEEWW!" Frostflight squealed.

"no thanks. i'm to sad to eat" she said sadly.

Hawkfeather looked up at the medicine cat with an expression of contempt. "Not you. You don't eat squished things. Just like Shiningheart." Hawkfeather launched into a squeaky voice, doing an impression of Shiningheart. "Ewww a mouse! You know I don't eat mouse! And, EWW, It's got dirt on it! I can't stand dirt! Eww eww eww eww eww!!!! Dirt!" The whole time, Hawkfeather scrunched up her face and and acted like Shiningheart. "But, there's something worse than dirt! And that's mud! Oh no! I said the dreaded word mud! AH! I said it again! AHH!!! Mice! Dirt! Mud! AHH!!! I SAID IT AGAIN!!!" Flameheart rold on the ground while laugh ing she stud up and spotted a big pile of mud nare by and jumed in to it and rold her self in it and got durty on her orange fur while laughing

Hawkfeather stuck out her tounge, still doing a Shiningheart impression. "EWWW!! You got your fur all dirty! And with mud - AHH! I said mud! Oh no! Now my very darling Bloodscar wouldn't like me, because I used a bad word!" Hawkfeather walked over and dipped a paw in the mud. "EWWW!!!! Now I'm all dirty! EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW EWW!!! I'm going to have to wash myself all moon to get this off! My poor, poor paw! Now I will not be perfect for the gathering! Who cares about an all-Clan war, my paw is dirty! MY PAW!!! My beautiful, beauiful, BEAUTIFUL, paw! WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!"

Flamehart took a big bunsh of mud in her paws anf trugh it on Hawkfeather.

"EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW I'VE GOT MUD ALL OVER MY HEAD!!! My beautiful, perfect, golden head!!! I'll never, ever, ever be able to go the gathering ever again!" Just saying this was too much for Hawkfeather. She fell down on the ground and laughed so hard that she thought her sides would crack. "DIRT!!!" Hawkfeather squealed in her Shiningheart voice as soon as she could speak again, then cracked up again.

Flameheart took an other punch and throw it at her again while laughing.

Hawkfeather was laughing too hard to say anything else. She just lay in the mud next to Flameheart and laughed. And laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

"ahh" Flamehart stop laughing and breathed in and out slowly but she did not hold her sireus face and craced in to the laugh again.

Hawkfeather stood up, then looked down at herself. "I'm covered in mud!" She exclaimed. Then, she squealed again, in a Shiningheart voice. "I'm covered in mud! EWW!!!" Hawkfeather fell down again, laughing.

"i love thees days! they are so fun! just you me and frostflight!" Flamehart said with a happy voice "but the sad thing is that those days also has an end" she saw up to the sky and saw that the sun soon was down.

Hawkfeather grinned up at Flameheart from where she lay. "Oh yea!" For some reason, Hawkfeather found this insanely funny and started laughing again. Then she saw what Flameheart had seen and frowned. "Oh dear. We'd better go catch something so we have a reason for being out here so long."

"yeah" she had a sad tone in her voice and raised her self up and shacked her self so much that the mud flew in all directions.

While flameheart and Hawkfeather where acting out their hilarious seen, Frostflight had fallen asleep

Hawkfeather looked up at Frostflight. "Come on, Frostflight!" She called. Frostflight didn't respond and Hawkfeather frowned. "Frostflight!" Still no reaction. "FROSTFLIGHT!" Hawkfeather jumped onto the Regrouping Stone. "Ahh." Hawkfeather saw that Frostflight was asleep. "Oh, Flameheart!" Hawkfeather called back down. "I have found an oppurtunity."

"frostflight" flamehart shacked her with her paw "weick up! we have to go now" she sighted when she dident woke up " WAKE UP YOU SLEEPY FURBALL!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Don't do that!" Hawkfeather hissed. Then she relaxed. "This is a prime time to do something, like, oh..." Hawkfeather shook some stray mud out of her pelt and dropped it on the pure white fur of Frostflight. "Getting her muddy, or something."

flameheart smiled and shooked her self and the mud landed on her sister.

But Frostflight hadn't even moved an inch.

Hawkfeather smiled. "Let's go get some mud."

Flamehart smiled back and took some mud between her paws and trow it at her sister

"That's the right idea!" Hawkfeather leapt down from the rock and threw lumps of mud up, dirtying her sister's pelt. Before long the snowy-white of Frostflight's fur had turned to the color of mud. Well, it WAS mud.

Frostflights eyes opened abruptly. "What are you guys doing?" Frostflight screeched.

Hawkfeather was temporarily shocked. But after a moment, one of the ideas came to her that had kept her out of trouble as a kit. "You were sleeping, and then a hawk flew overhead and grabbed you. Flameheart clawed it's belly and it dropped you into the mud. We had just pulled you up here when you woke up." Hawkfeather kept her expression calm and serious.

"Yeah right." This is a job done by two mischievious cats who still act like kits!" Frostflight yelled, giggled, then picked up a pawful of mud and tossed it in her sisters face. "MUDFIGHT!" she yelled and laughed.

"What?" Asked Hawkfeather innocently. "I am not a hawk. Though I am named after one..." Just then, the mudball landed right in her face. "Ppphhhhllllttttt!" She spat out the mud, then looked at Frostflight with fake anger. "Oh, it's on."

"You're right, it is on! On your head!" Frostflight laughed, and threw mud, aiming for the top of Hawkfeathers head, but it went passed Hawkfeather and landed on Flamehearts back

"Guys wait!" flameheart said "I'm sorry but we have to go back to the camp now before they start asking questions"

"Oh. Right." Hawkfeather sadly dropped the pawful of mud she had been holding. "We'd better go catch some prey so we can claim that we've been hunting."

"I'll go find some herbs."

Hawkfeather sadly walked off into the forest. But it wasn't long before there was a dull thud and a triumphant cry of Hawkfeather's echoed through the forest.

"Bet she finally caught a rabbit." Frostflight whispered to Flameheart and giggled silently.


Hawkfeather padded into camp happily. She had caught a good bunch of prey, including something that she thought was a squirrel. She wasn't quite sure, because it was too squished, but it still tasted good! A quick glance around camp confirmed that Flameheart and Frostflight weren't back yet, so Hawkfeather picked up the probably-a-squirrel and began to eat.

Frostflight raced through the forest, Flameheart by her side.

Flameheart had chased a mouse and had it between her mouth.

"I wish I could find some deathberries, but they're not in season." Frostflight mewed. She started looking around for some yarrow.

"What do you use deathberries for actully?" Flameheart asked.

"Are you kidding?" Frostflight asked, "I eat them, of course. What did you think I did with them?"

Hawkfeather yawned and stretched. Flameheart and Frostflight hadn't come back yet. I guess they're out looking for deathberries. Or yarrow. Or whatever. She stood up and walked over to the entrance to wait for them.

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