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It was a dark and spooky night in LakeClan territory. The other Clans were fast asleep, but not this particular Clan. The kits were always playful at night, and the warriors kept vigil over their camp. That was why, this particular night, one of the cats, Stepfoot, noticed something wrong with the lake in the distance. She left the camp to go inspect, and what she saw was horrifying. The entire lake was blood red.

The Clan assembled near the lake, looking horrified. Why had this happened? Was StarClan punishing them? Had multiple cats died in the lake? Suddenly, there was a screech. But from where? Nobody in the Clan had screamed. Stepfoot padded toward the lake. Suddenly, a tide of red washed over her, and she was gone. Cats started screaming as waves of red enveloped them. Finally, it was only Molepoppy who was left. She ran past her camp and into the mountains. Finally, when she was far enough, she bent over a pond to take a drink.

And saw that the water was red.

Molepoppy let out a screech and ran off. She tripped on a pile of rocks and fell. When she looked up, she saw a giant wave of red crashing down on not only her, but the entire area. Molepoppy screamed and closed her eyes, but when she opened them, she was sitting in the middle of her camp, with her Clanmates around her. She let out a deep breath.

"I need some water." She said. She went to a stream and took a drink, only to spit the water out.

It tasted like blood.

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