• LyricsThatSing

    the following blog contains cussing and also relationship problems. if you don't want to see these type of stuff then skip to the end for my explanation for (likely) possible inactivity.

    also, this little qu*m outed 5 friends of mine (including me). now i have to get revenge

    so, as some of you know, i'm in a relationship, but rather recently i started having feelings for my friend. i don't even know do i really like her, it might just be an increasing interest for my friend but again my feelings have always been complicated as f*ck and it takes about 2-3 months to figure out my feelings for anyone. i can barely tell 'very very close platonic relationship' to 'romantic relationship' apart (or maybe because every time i have a crush it's on a v…

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  • Vanillq

    if you got this far, you get a cookie, congratulations

    warning: cussing

    okay so

    can you not

    can we not just bash someone's fanfiction because it's not the best thing ever? and praise fanfics that are just as bad if not worse just because they're made by our friends?

    can we seriously not not encourage beginning writers? I remember back when I posted my very first fanfiction and how proud I was. It would absolutely break my heart if someone came and bashed the sh*t out of it because they happen yo not like it.

    This is unacceptable and inexcusable. Beginning writers need helpful tips to help them improve. Not have their first f*cking work deconstructed in front of them. We were all there at some point.

    I don't understand how at any point anyone can g…

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  • KestreIs


    July 27, 2017 by KestreIs

    uhhh since i've been here for four years (as of july 6? i think?) i decided to check in and see Whats Going On

    so i guess life stuff is cool so. im going into my junior year of high school (end my life) and. thats basically it lol im...... boring

    ive been trying to write fics w super old characters (like! my first fic characters!! but better) but the ol motivation kinda comes and goes so. idk

    idk who actually remembers me but! hey whats up

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  • BCEngine

    *pokes head in*

    July 26, 2017 by BCEngine

    Wow this place has changed a lot

    Maaaan I'm looking at all of my old pages and cringing, but I missed it here.

    School is starting up soon, I'm going into Junior year of high school and I'm going headfirst into band camp. It's a Blues Brother's theme this year! (which means cut time, kill me)

    It's wonderful to see new stories after so long! I might get up the motivation to revive old characters and make them... less bad? I guess lmao.

    I hope everyone is doing well, and if not I hope it gets better!

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  • Hollytuft

    Rant? I Guess

    July 26, 2017 by Hollytuft

    You may be wondering, "Holly, why are you ranting? Your perfectly happy!" 

    Well, that's not really true. I'm ranting about my brother, Thunder-of-The-Storm on here. Why? You might ask. The answers are in the rant below. Also, just in case you got bored, you get a little treat below the rant. It's a rant on a Warriors character, so if you don't want to read the part about my brother, just scroll down. 

    Brother Rant:

    I'm mad at him. Very mad. He is already in trouble IRL, and blocked on here. Fortauntely, I caught him and told our mother. He's also blocked here. Why am I very mad at him? 

    HE EDITED MY STORIES, AND MADE A BLOG SAYING "the admins are idiots"! 

    That is very rude, and he edited my story Turtlefur's Story to say Chapter Two - Barley's…

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  • Lokilog

    A (Final?) Goodbye

    July 26, 2017 by Lokilog

    Hi eveyone,

    So, ever since I almost went inactive almost a year ago, I've been stuck in a place somewhere between being active and inactive. I thought that I Firey's contest would get me active again, but I didin't even finish my story. Other than that, I've been completely inactive for the past month or so, and I don't think that I'll be active again any time soon. But at the same time, I didn't want to slowly fade away without saying goodbye. So here it is.


    First of all, I'd like to formally sat goodbye to everyone. You all made my day, and I've enjoyed talking to everyone. I've really loved this wiki ever since I found it in early 2016. I saw the wiki change shape as new users came and began writting with new styles, and I learned from e…

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  • Cchen3

    wow lol i'm late i forgot on Sunday I was supposed to tally points and whatnot xD But please read this entire blog so you can get my news update at the end of the blog :)

    So here are the results!

    Overall I think both contest and challenge did okay; we could have tried much harder to get things done but hey! We're all busy kids so I'll let it slide :) thanks to everyone who did participate and tried to get the load done ! maybe i'll try this again later on in the year when i am not drowning from hw!

    Top three get prizes from me but like...there's just one clear winner haha

    Prizes are lowkey the same because 1) i'm really busy and honestly might not have time to distribute prizes and 2) this wasn't for prize benefits this was for everyone to con…

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  • Pinefur

    Pinefur is back!    Hey my fellow kitties! I'm sorry that I was gone for so long. I know I said I was coming back, but that went out of the window real fast. We got into war with our neighbors for one. She threatned to poison my outside cat and my dog, who was always inside of a 6 foot fence. Well, not soon after that threat, my 8 year old healthy dog died! The entire family panicked and brought our inside cat Callie inside with our other two cats.Blah blah blah I threatned her and the cops came, I was put on probation from the PD, and we went to court. (WE WON) 

    So this whole thing has been going on since January, so I guess you can understand why I haven't been on in a while

    .Also... My cat Atlas had a urinary blockage and almost died. Hor…

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  • DogwoodFlowers

    hey you

    July 20, 2017 by DogwoodFlowers

    yes, you

    i am having an existential crisis, questioning why i even walk down this long, lonely road of life

    why, you might ask?


    so the solution to my problem is to poke you- yes, you, i am poking you- and you must now get your hands on a copy of Six of Crows ASAP and then read Crooked Kingdom faster than as soon as possible, so i have someone to scream to because WHY DID YOU DIE WHY WHY YOU SHOULD'VE KNOWN THAT GUY WOULD KILL FOR HIS COUNTRY AND HE THOUGHT YOU WERE A TRAITOR, YOU POOR, HOPEFUL, INNOCENT BOY WHYYY

    i'm gonna go cry in a corner now

    also fun fact, on the lexile scale, Six of Crows is third to fourth grade level and if you've read that book you KNOW it is …

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  • Foxstep1

    Pineapple-walk is where we start

    Four miles and poles apart

    Where worlds collide and days are dark

    You may have my pixie, you can take my heart

    But you'll never have my heart

    I heard that you settled down

    That you found a boy and you're married now.

    I heard that your dreams came true.

    Guess that Joe gave you things I didn't give to you.

    There's a fire starting in my heart

    Reaching a fever pitch, it's bringing me out of the dark

    Finally I can see you crystal clear

    Go 'head and blow a raspberry and I'll lay your ship bare

    See how I leave with every pineapple

    Don't underestimate the things that I will do

    Never mind, I'll find someone like you

    I wish nothing but the best for you too

    Don't forget me, I beg

    I'll remember you said,

    Sometimes it's good to blow a ras…

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  • A Snivy's Feather


    July 15, 2017 by A Snivy's Feather

    Yea ik this is my third blog but i sorta wanted to make this official..

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  • Vanillq

    //external screaming

    July 15, 2017 by Vanillq

    (warning: major spoilers for wonder woman ahead)




    okay for real now

    I adore this movie


    the scenes with steve got me

    i cried at the end like an idiot 

    good thing i had tissues

    i honestly thought doctor strange is my favorite movie but


    wonder woman is the first movie that made me tear up

    no not E.T. or anything of that sort






    I legit have to be the only person who cried,,, save me

    now if you excuse me im gonna lock myself in a room and cry for days bye

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  • Seabreeze123

    new challenge!! C:

    July 14, 2017 by Seabreeze123

    Obviously the title is quite self-explanatory. 

    You have until December 31, 2017 to get all your old and inactive stories done. I'm not talking about brand new ones that have just been created, but old ones that you haven't touched in months/years (depending on how long you've been here). If you're going to create new stories, sure, do them; they just won't count for this challenge.

    Please put the titles and link the stories in the comments, and I'll add them next to your name.

    And by done, I mean:

    One-shots: Obviously until the end

    Short Stories: Obviously until the end

    Series: Done 

    Shows: At least a season done (if you're in the middle of the season, finish to the end, and that'll count)

    Collabs: Dead collabs don't count, but if you'd like to fini…

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  • LyricsThatSing

    so, you'd probably be like

    'where the heck was lyrix'

    'is she dead?/1/!?/1/1?!??/!?/1'


    and if you're new/inactive/old you'd be like

    'um who tf is lyrix'

    soooo basically, life happened. i also got into my favorite school.

    the end, bye

    The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.

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  • Seabreeze123

    it's been so long

    July 10, 2017 by Seabreeze123


    I'm not sure how long it's been since I've written something on here. I've dropped by once in a while, but I've never really read anything. I scroll through some things, and see how things are going. 

    The last piece I've written so far was this, but that was a oneshot. I created a page for a story based off of Red Queen sometime ago, but nothing has come of it yet.

    It's been so long since I've been here, and sometimes it feels like I've lost a little bit of myself. 

    I do still write - I've finished my novel version of fr (it sucks lol), and I've started a new project. The idea won't work on here, but it's something. 

    But I consider a lot of you here my family, and I haven't really kept in touch with any of you but Storm. Hm. 

    I'm coming b…

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  • A Snivy's Feather


    Remember the blogs posts WOOHOO JUNE and Depression.? Well, SCRAP THAT



    oh well maybe thanks to my good friend who we're gonna call J.


    no seriously i've had enough drama for a lifetime

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  • Hollytuft

    Heeey guys!! It's Holly here! I haven't made a blog in SO long, surprisingly. I used to make them all the time haha ;)

    So here, I give you some updates!

    1. Storms from The River is on hold, because I just am losing interest.

    2. I will update my userpage. I don't think I've updated it since sometime in 2016, or maybe at the beginning of this year, and it's getting old so I need to update it.

    3. I will be more active. I wasn't really active because reasons explained below


    This is an explanation as to why I wasn't active. I was busy, and I had summer stuff, chores, etc. etc.

    Thank you for noticing me! Hollytuft out!

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  • Hollywhisker

    How to Make a Sig

    June 23, 2017 by Hollywhisker

    HEY IT'S HOLLYWHISKER Be carefulwhat you wish for 00:44, June 23, 2017 (UTC)

    OKAY This is my first blog so don't judge this 

    I decided to make a blog about how TO MAKE A SIGGIE

    I'm not an expert at coding, but I am an intermediate. 


    Let's get started!

    (BTW credits to some non warriors wiki user named Gleek62442)

    First, create a subpage. A subpage is a branch of your userpage. So, while making a sig, you would name your page "User:/Sig".

    Now to the hard/coding part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    To put a link in your sig, you have to put it in like this:

    You can change the number from 1 to 360.

    Click publish. Hover your cursor over your profile at the top. Click "My Preferences".

    Scroll down until you see the signature part. Ty…

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  • Vanillq

    Okay so those who are on wfw discord or who have me on DA probably know that I got blocked recently. This is Pumpkintail, and this is my new account. I got blocked for posting inappropriate images of sorts I guess, but I am back now. Thankfully my IP was not blocked, haha. I swear, if I get blocked on this account I will die bc I love this username.

    Goodbye Pumpkintail, welcome Vanillq.

    Its pronounced as Vanill-k, thank you.

    With that, I would ask you to stop referring to me as Pumpkin. My new nickname is Vani, so if you can, please refer to me as such! :D Many other names came into consideration but I decided this will be it, haha.

    If you don't really have anything to say, just anknowledge it in the comments if you read this PLEASE, I want th…

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  • I-want-death-end-my-suffering-please

    its yo boi pumpkin here

    looks like my IP wasnt blocked lmao

    ill be moving my account so keep an eye out for that lmao

    anyways im not blocked forever??? yay I guess


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  • A Snivy's Feather

    Ouch, third blog already. Admins, please don't kill me, you have my permission to delete one of my other blogs (preferably this one?). I'm only blogging coz my friend (in rl) needs help.

    Okay anyways.. let me explain the whole situation.


    J = the friend that needs help

    Mc = the bully in this situation

    Mw = a friend involved in this

    Pg = another friend involved in this

    Z =   "                                                "

    Okay, it all started in May when Mw, Pg, J, Z and Mc decided to make a groupchat on Snapchat without me, since I wouldn't understand the jokes they were making.

    And they all agreed on not having me in the groupchat. 

    But Mc felt as if I was being left out of something, so she deliberately added me.

    And Mc started to call J sel…

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  • A Snivy's Feather

    I know, I know, third blog post but Firey deleted the last one I made.

    Anyways... I've got this AMAZING idea.

    That some of you would like, I hope!!

    So. You know how there's a Warrior Cat Wiki describing what the cats look like,what books they appear in, blah blah blah, well.. I was thinking.. Why don't we do the same for our wiki?

    We could make a new wiki like the Warriors one, except.. it could be called 'Warriors Fanfiction Cats Wiki' or something along those lines.

    So comment below what you think! Oh and maybe vote as well heheh (poll down below)

    I can't wait to see what you guys think! If we do create the new wiki, then we could choose admins and stuff later (side note: I would like to be an admin coz I came up with the idea but if I'm not the…

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  • Bluestar&Brightheart

    hello folks its brighty aka boo boo the fool

    yesterday was my five year (five years!!!) anniversary on this dang wiki and i didn't even notice. funny enough yesterday when i showed up after months of being in The Void was my dang anniversary

    wow. honestly?? i cant believe im here. like if you had asked me "where do you think you'll be in 5 years" back then i certainly wouldn't have answered "writing a blog on a warrior cats fanfic wiki"

    i found this place by complete accident. all because i didn't want to do my homework, i found this amazing place & the wonderful community within. i'm going to be 17 in just about a month and this feels so wild. i cannot believe that i'm still here, even if i only pop in once and a while. i've made some wonder…

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  • Warriorlover12345


    my last blog post was several years ago- November 2013, according to the data. wow. that's a long, long time. so you may be wondering one of two things:

    a) you were gone for so long! where were you?

    or b) who are you?

    well for a), I guess you could say I lost my love for warriors. I became disinterested in these aggressive cats with super powers as I got more into stuff like brooklyn nine-nine, asagao academy, and ace attorney. I was still writing, just fan fictions about topics that interested me more when I was STRUCK with the urge to rewrite a story I began on a seprate wiki. it was unfinished, over thirty pages and 10000+ words. but the writing, while descriptive, was choppy and fast-paced. so I decided to …

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  • Cchen3

    Okay! I'm gonna start this now since I'm going on vacation soon and when I come back, I want to start all the fun stuff since I'll start to get busier as summer goes on and my summer is sadly very short

    So there's actually two events I'm hosting this summer so stay tuned! You join both, or one, or neither I guess but if you weren't joining you wouldn't be reading this ;)

    Also like if you join, please check my updates on this blog because this is my second blog lol I can't really make a new one since my other blog was important info too :P

    I always like to add a twist to this one because this is the third time we've done it, and so this time, there will be tiers! I'll explain how this will work and hopefully it won't be too confusing.

    There wil…

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  • DogwoodFlowers

    hey guys so i'm out for the summer

    the most depressing part is that a significant number of the cute guys at school are going to different high schools ok i'll shut up now

    yEAH i finished middle school. yay?? high school sounds like a lot of homework gah. my cousins say freshman year's easy but hey they didn't take all the advanced courses though i could have taken ap history but chose not to

    i'll try to be more active around the wiki and hop on chat some more. ALSO GUYS it'd be great if you could move to the discord, chat is way way way too laggy- and i know it's not just on my end because i'll have good wifi and chat lags plus a lot of people have had chat lag at the same time as me

    anyways i'm gonna be out at the end of june, i think the 22…

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  • Wetstream


    June 14, 2017 by Wetstream

    Honestly, I got off on May 26th so this is a lil late... 

    Anyway, I changed the background again. This one took a few hours. Don't like it? Think it's too busy? Well yall were complaining before it was too dark and old, and then that it was too bland! I tried to add a bit more while keeping it still a bit more aesthetically pleasing by lowering the opacity of the images. But I do wanna know if you like it or not, just please try being constructive on what you'd want fixed haha

    Regarding my life, I've officially finished junior year and I'm becoming a senior. This means that in a year, your beloved admin will be graduated! (Some of yall better love me at least)

    I'm doing duel enrollment next year which means I'll be actively enrolled in high s…

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  • Pumpkintail

    ok so to make a long story short me, dogwood/sun and another friend of mine were in a discord group and they bullied me together and dogwood ended up bringing up some old stuff and...

    im sorry? xD

    like seriously I looked over the whole thing and I literally never felt so embarrassed in my entire life??

    like oh boy if I could I would push younger self off a cliff

    anyway thanks to yall for bearing it with me

    if I were you I would ban me

    like I bet that I was the most unpopular user on here

    ho boy I can imagine yall seniors just being in pms or on Skype just talking about how im such an annoying little pr*ck

    regardless though there is a lot of cringeworthy stuff I did outside the wiki as well one of them being "religiously" watching savdraws aka literal…

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  • Flameheart2004




    • curls up in le corner of frustration and anxiety*



    but, we had fun. My anxiety just got in the way....alot....I need help...

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  • Psppssssssssssssssss

    Like this!

    June 10, 2017 by Psppssssssssssssssss
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  • Cchen3

    Hi guys! I know Dogwood is introducing the WFWA and so I don't want to make a huge event so soon but I'm actually somewhat free this summer (yay finally!) and I was wondering if anyone wanted to give me a suggestion for something? I'm thinking I could host something similar to the commenting contests but I don't want to do it a third time LOL

    So ideas? And I need an opinion on if I should even host something :P

    Short blog lol I'll update this as ideas roll in maybe

    C: also y'all should know i'm gonna try to tackle commenting again but no guarantees so pls don't give me a huge list of stories below (I will manually go find stories so no worries there [i do better when i force myself not when there's a list])

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  • DogwoodFlowers

    WFWA nominations are running from June 16 to July 1!

    You have until July 14 to comment, and all you have to do now is comment on ONE story written by a stranger!

    Please try to get it done ASAP, so that the judges can begin commenting and the wiki can start voting!!

    I'll need a team of three people to help me judge. We'll set up WFWA like this: the wiki will vote on stories for what category, and the number of votes will determine the winner and runner-up. The judges are there to double-check the voters' work and make sure that no good stories slipped through the cracks. If you want to judge, please let me know!


    1. Me

    2. Fox

    3. Blazey

    4. Firey

    5. (if anyone wants to? we don't need a fifth judge, but one would still be fine and would …

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  • Pumpkintail

    1 year

    June 3, 2017 by Pumpkintail

    oh look im late

    just a year of my life wasted on writing stories about talking cats and chatting with lowlifes like me don't expect anything special lmao

    yes im trying to be funny for the idiots who want to simplify it

    btw the new wiki design looks bland ok im done bye

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  • LyricsThatSing


    June 3, 2017 by LyricsThatSing

    Again, exam month, so inactivity is mandatory

    And also I'm hyped because

    I got (1558286818526) new books!

    Okay. Well I got Legend and Divergent. Sadly I'm not allowed to read anything until the exams are over.

    And also...

    'crying off my face again' (the lonely by Christina Perri)

    Why does that sound so familiar?

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  • Warriorfan123


    June 3, 2017 by Warriorfan123

    Hi, everyone!

    School just ended for me, as it probably did for most of you. I don't think I made it through alive, there's portion of my soul that's shriveled up and dead. Also really glad my season is over because I hated playing for two hours after a school day.


    I'm writing this just to let (those who care) you know that I won't be on much because I will be studying for exams!! yay!! and I'm sure that's the case for many people here also. Gotta study to keep that A rip. 

    If I do come on chat or something, please yell at me to leave. That would be appreciated, since I usually do one page of review and then complain about how tired I am. I can also procrastinate better than anyone in this entire world. 

    So- what're you guys doing for su…

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  • A Snivy's Feather


    June 2, 2017 by A Snivy's Feather

    I'm writing this in the middle of the night so...


    Nothing's really exciting about June anyways but my brother's birthday's at the end of it! 


    So.. as you guys see.. I've written this blog called Depression. a while back and I will give you an update on how things've been! 

    But first, lemme take a sel- haha just kidding.

    Lemme celebrate the fact that I got 61 subs on YouTube for a second...

    • prepares party cannon*


    • glitter goes everywhere*

    K. Enough of that (at this rate I'll never get the blog done).

    So I'll call the bully-friend-person HL for this blog. 

    So... I've told my homeroom teacher that HL has been a mouse-brain to me and she got the both of us in my homeroom. …

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  • SmudgyHollz

    Hey again, it looks like these blogs are becoming a more regular occurrence!

    So first year of uni is officially over and I survived! :D

    Once again, life has not turned out as expected. I have a new flat that I'll get the keys in June buuuuut my friend decided she wants to move back home instead of live with me. Looks like 2017 is not my year.

    The flat is pretty cool though. It's a top floor apartment with two bedrooms and really near the city centre.


    It's in a bit of a sketchy area because it's surrounded by underpasses. Looks like I'll need to invest in a rape alarm. Hopefully I'm not attacked, will keep you updated though. :D

    However, the main point of this post is to talk about blogs.

    I've moved on from writing Warriors fanfic but I sti…

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  • Lokilog

    WFW Discord

    May 29, 2017 by Lokilog

    Hi everyone!

    So, yesterday, I got the idea of using the chat website Discord to create a server for the wiki. I talked to dogfood about it, and we set it up.

    Link to join:

    For those of you who don't know what Discord is, it's a website that lets you send messages to everyone else on 'servers' or direct messages to your friends. You can also voice chat with others in the voice channels that you can join at any time (and there's no camera). In addition, you don't even need to make an account to join.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know about this.

    P.S. to Admins: If you join, message me and I'll give you the Admin rank, so you'll have complete control over the server.

    UPDATE: Storm and Bramble are now the Admins f…

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  • A Snivy's Feather

    I'm here to ask a question because I'm not so sure.

    Most of you probably don't know I've opened my own Advice Column so I'm just wondering..

    I know I've been on this wiki for a decent 9 months now, but I'm not really sure if I can have an Advice Column on the wiki.

    So I'm here; asking you older users. 

    Am I allowed to have an Advice Column??

    I'm pretty sure I can have one but I'm not sure.

    IDK why I'm doing this on a blog post.

    Hey, while you're here, go check out the advice column I'm talking about! If u have problems hehe

    Okay bye now

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  • Stormver

    yeah yeah this is pointless and I'm definitely going to look worse than I already do.

    I said some really bad things on that fanfiction. I regret it, looking back, and it has managed to tick off my anxiety. I'm not a bad person. I've just had a really hard time recently.

    Call me whatever you want - this is going to be a long one.

    I need to address why I've had a hard time recently.

    School played into a lot of it. I was quiet and introverted and constantly worried about something - whether that be school grades or friends or whatever, I was pretty worried. Sometimes it got so bad that I took medication for the aches I got from it. I trusted few, and the few I did trust weren't always reliable.

    One of those people I trusted was the only one that s…

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  • DogwoodFlowers

    third blog of the month, I'm sorry, but does it really count bc one of them was just for the wiki? idk. firey, wetty, pls don't kill me

    Anyways I wanted to remind everyone not to be rude when giving constructive criticism. Look, I get it if you're not interested or if you don't like the story, but there is absolutely no reason to use exclamation marks and all caps. If you want to maturely review something, don't start shouting. Remember what your parents taught you when you were little.

    In this world we see so much of people rejecting critique that we forget our part as the critic too. It is absolutely not okay to say "THIS WAS PLOTLESS" or "This was SO BLAND!!" or "Honestly I just can't even TRY to read this." You can gently suggest what to…

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  • Thunder-Of-The-Storm

    u ar all so mean y do u evn lik this wiki I don't no y I stay on

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  • LyricsThatSing

    so, if some of you were on chat, you would've known that

    • Ella's dad choked on a cookie and died
    • My good friend Aqua's grandma died because she fainted and was braindead

    And more information that I did not mention was

    • A frenemy is currently cutting and being suicidal AND considering to take part in THE BLUE WHALE GAME

    I honestly need to help Aqua, Ella (who was laughing(?) over her dad's death but actually wants to cry like a baby), A frenemy (for privacy, I'll call her L).

    So, Ella's dad died somewhere in April. She's okay (I know how to deal with her), so let's move on to the next one.


    Her grandma was really close to her, even closer than her parents. She took her death really hard. It was very sudden and recent (19th May, 15:53). I tried to …

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  • Patchfeather14

    1 Year

    May 13, 2017 by Patchfeather14

    Hey everybody! So this is amazingly my first blog post.

    Soo anyway, this is nearly a month late because I forgot about it :/ my memory suckss

    I've now been here for one whole year! I mean, I was inactive for large parts of the year, but I'm planning on staying active now. I don't actually know if this counts as being here for a year though, because I joined almost two years ago with a different account, but whatever! I've met a ton of nice people who I hope to be pals with in the future :) All of you are great!

    So a good friend of mine came up with this little game when she was on wikia for one year. In this we're going to be using some questions that relate to both warriors and me. Answer as many questions as you want in the comments, and th…

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  • A Snivy's Feather
    • digs herself out of her grave*

    Sup, people!!! I have returned from my trip!!

    Who cares about that, first of all sorry for being inactive for a couple of weeks but I guess it's no big deal

    And I'm gonna celebrate my acheivement of getting 54 subscribers on my YouTube channel, Froststar of SnowClan, right here, right now.

    • takes a deep breath*



    Anyways, the contest results!

    I guess I won't do why the stories are good because I guess that would just take too long. lol

    3rd Place:

    Nighty with The Snatcher!!!

    2nd Place:

    Holly with Dawnfire's Secret…

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  • DogwoodFlowers

    , clovers and blue moons! hourglasses, rainbows, and tasty red balloons!

    ok, lucky charms aside, there's gonna be two things i'm discussing in this blog. also i know this is my third blog this month, but in my defense the other two were both for the benefit of the wiki and i've already asked firey to delete one of them

    I'm hosting this year's hopefully-annual WFWA during summer (probably June, when I get out of school), but I do not plan on utilizing the official page for WFWA. Why? There's the big problem of "nominate a story, then throw votes at it" that I see when observing the talk. Not everyone gets noticed, only those who've read a story. Plus, my plans work in an entirely different way, so I'm going to explain them to you and get some…

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  • DogwoodFlowers

    (please read)

    May 7, 2017 by DogwoodFlowers

    Two blogs in two days, wow me, gg, first week of May and both my blog slots are gone.

    But I figured this would be pretty helpful! Been talking to some users, and we thought this would be a great way to get everyone's opinion on stuff and pass it on to the admins!

    Link: Warriors Fanfiction:Rules

    If there's anything else you think, please bring it up in the comments!

    Read more >
  • KatMeowz


    May 6, 2017 by KatMeowz

    The Shattered Path



    LeaderNightstar: A


    Medicine Cat-Swiftfoot

    Medicine Cat Apprentice-Oaksong


    Toadsky: A mottled brown tom with green eyes. Mate- Dawnheart

    Septicrush: A white tom with a greyish underbelly and blue eyes.

    Stormdrizzle- A greyish shecat with green eyes.

    Mousetail- A grey tom with green eyes.

    Blackfeather- A black tom with a grey underbelly and blue eyes. Mate: Nightstar

    Dawnheart- A grey and white shecat with brown eyes.

    Creamtuft- A creamy pelted young tom with blue eyes. Mate: Secretly Oaksong

    Mistpelt- A mottled white-tan shecat.

    Tigerpelt-Dark gray she-cat with white stripes and underbelly and black eyes.


    Sanddune- A mottled tan-grey shecat with green eyes.


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  • Cocopelt101

    Hey guys. I miss u so much I'm so sorry for not being here but here is an update!

    So the girl I didn't like is now my best friend. She's super nice and now we're best friends. But with my old best friend, things are getting tense. It wouldn't be polite to say her real name, so I'll call her...N.

    Anyways, I feel like N is a show off. She's starting to be rude and run her mouth about things that no one wants to hear. Seriously, I told her that I didn't like a specific restaurant, and she was all like, "hey everybody! Penny doesn't like (insert restaurant name)!" Of course she was trying to embarrass me, because everyone likes this restaurant.

    Plus, my other friend recently told me that he agrees that she is a show off and rude. She asked my bes…

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  • LyricsThatSing

    also some of my blog posts will be up  here

    Is it just me, or am I pathetic?

    My friends hate me. Even George. Even the people in the gang.

    People never notice anything except for my mistakes. How i could've done better. How i could've paid more effort. How i could've done more. How i could've stopped "fooling around" and be more serious.

    The teachers have high hopes for me. My parents both expect a lot from me. My friends demand me to stop being a 'b*tch' and get a life. Stop being a loser. Stop being emo. Stop being annoying. It's always me that ends up apologizing and standing up for my friends. Being the excuse for their mistakes. No matter how much I try, I'm always not good enough. No matter how hard I try, my friends won't accept me. No …

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