b e a u t i f u l  y o u t h  ~ 

a  p o e m by G i n g e r

about B a d g e r f a n g 's youth

My paws are small,

my fur is fuzzed, 

my life is short, 

I've no idea what's next.

The furious cry,

pierces my delicate ears, 

until I long for my mother,

to hold me in her loving arms.

Claws rip through the air, 

like a half-moon, 

causing red to flow.

I am not brave, 

I am afraid, 

of these claws ripping through my body. 

I leap forward, 

my eyes gazing at the entangled bodies, 

the last I see. 

My legs too short,

my body too little, 

and my claws too blunt.

I am not fit for this life yet, 

as a larger figure approaches.

I swing feebly, 

no power in my swipe,

no determination to harm.

Tears spring to my eyes, 

pain murders me, 

bodies fuzz, 

until a scent fills my ending life. 

My youth is short-lived, 

but it finishes with my mentor, 

my guider. 


I say, 

with fear in my tone,

as his eyes spark with sadness. 

I am no longer clear, 

but misty, 

like it is all a dark cloud. 

"I want to be called Badgerfang, after you." 

He murmurs, 

and I can't hear it anymore. 


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