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Atton: Hey guys! It's Atton!

Cloudtail: And, of course, it's Cloudtail! Today, we're bringing you an interview with Kanye West!

Atton: Are we excited? Of course!

Cloudtail: Now, let's bring out Kanye West!

The audience cheers

Kanye West: What's up, people!

Cloudtail: Hi Kanye! Now, let's not waste time. That was pretty bad at the VMAs. Have you done anything else out of the ordinary lately?

Kanye: Heck yeah! You should have seen what I did to Warriors Wiki!

Atton: Now, Kanye, have you apologized to Taylor Swift?

Kanye giggles

Kanye: NOPE!

Cloudtail and Atton both stare at Kanye as he laughs

Cloudtail: Security.

Two security guards come out to get Kanye

Kanye: Hey, you guys know what? I love your security guards, but Beyonce had some of the best security guards of all time!

Atton: Alrighty, see you, everyone!

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