This is a little story (I will update later) about Hawkfire. Enjoy! User:Hawkfire98

Chapter One

Hawkfire stood on the meadow, letting the breeze ruffle her fur. She bent down to lick the dirty fur off her chest, today was a good day for MeadowClan. They had won back the Forest of Endless Greenleaf after StormClan had tried to take it from them. The setting sun turned the sky blood-red and orange, despite a few dark clouds in the distance. Hawkfire stood up and stretched her cramped limbs, from sitting in the same spot for awhile. "Hawkfire," a soft voice whispered, she whipped around to find that her friend, Mallowleaf, was bending over her. "Come on, Hawkfire, It's time to go back to camp!" The pretty silver tabby flicked her tail impatiently. "Coming," Hawkfire grumbled. She liked sitting on the meadows every evening, usually Mallowleaf brought her back. "Hawkfire, just curious, but why do you like to sit on the meadow every night? It's cold and I usually get hungry," Mallowleaf fixed her deep green gaze on her. "Because, I like to watch the sun set and watch StarClan appear every night, when it's dark," she replied. A white tail bobbed down the meadow, turning her gaze on the rabbit, Hawkfire raced down the lush, cool grass. Ignoring Mallowleaf's yowls of surprise, she pounced on the rabbit, killing it in one bite. "Hey, Hawkfire! Good catch!" She turned to see her mate, Eagleheart bounding down the grassy slope to meet her. The huge dark brown tabby lifted his muzzle to the darkening sky. "It's getting late, I will take the rabbit back to camp for you," Hawkfire swatted him with her tail, "I wasn't born yesterday, thanks!" she snapped. She was sure that his bright yellow gaze was sparkling with love and amusement, she dropped the rabbit at his paws. "Alright newborn," he purred." She purred back, this time swatting his muzzle with sheathed claws. Hawkfire raced after Eagleheart back to the dip in the meadows, which was the MeadowClan camp. Mallowleaf bounded after them, her green eyes narrowed with annoyance. "Eagleheart, I am going to walk Mallowleaf back to the medicene den, meet you in the warriors den!" Eagleheart dipped his head to her and bounded away. She felt a rush of pride at her mate. "You just took off without me!" Mallowleaf mewed. "The Clan needs fresh-kill!" she argued with her friend teasingly. The two she-cats slipped into the large cavern between the rocks, which was the medicine den. Mallowleaf dipped her head to Hawkfire, "Thanks!" Hawkfire rested her muzzle on her head. "See you tomorrow morning, make sure Sunblaze eats that rabbit!" She pushed the rabbit to Mallowleaf. She waved her tail in farewell and jumped onto the rock which was the warriors den. Suddenly a shriek came from the medicine den. "A bad omen! Destruction for MeadowClan!"

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