Sequel to My Kits! Read Hawks first though, the very start of the series.

Chapter One

Bronze blacked out as he felt something pierce is throat. I'm going to die. He thought This is the end of me.

Chapter Two

"Bronze!" Gem screeched and ran towards Bronze with Earthpaw and Saphire at her heels. "Bronze!" Earthpaw meowed and quickly changed into a hawk and flew towards him. Earthpaw shook his head in distaste. "Only Silver can save him now."

Chapter Three

"Wait." Saphire hushed and moved towards Bronze and put a paw on his throat and muttered a few words. "Bronze, rise from the home StarClan has given you and have life once more." Bronze's eyes flew opened and he blinked at Saphire. "You saved me."

End! Next book is Slowly Shrinking! Fourth and last book of Set 2 of The Griffin's Rise! -Insane a bit... Leafwhisker's Talk 13:08, January 21, 2010 (UTC)

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