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Chapter 1

It was hard to avoid the prodding stick that kept coming through the bushes. Soon, it had pricked just about every cat, and that was when my owners decided to look in the bush for me.

Why were they here? They hated me!

When my male owner looked under the bush, he was greeted by a spitting Mousewhisper. That was when we charged.

The entire den's occupants sprang from the bushes and attacked my owners.

Chapter 2

I could smell my female owner charging toward Duskshadow and I. She was holding something, because I could smell not only her, but some type of wood.

"A baseball bat!" Duskshadow yowled in my ear. I'd been teaching him human terms yesterday.

Then I heard Duskshadow yowl. My owner had hit him.

Relying on my smell, I dashed toward my owner. I clawed at what I thought was her leg.

Oh yeah. It was her leg.

She howled in pain. Nearby, I heard a frenzy of cats attacking my male owner.

Both howling, my former owners fled.

Chapter 3

Stripestar, the Clan leader, called a meeting. The Clan assembled around her den.

"Today, we were attacked by Jilly's former Twolegs. They will surely be back. We must stop them." She said.

The Clan shouted their agreement.

Well, that was that. My former owners, the ones who'd treated me so horribly, were going to get what they deserved.

Did I feel bad about it? Not one bit.

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